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Recruitment Management Consultants (RMC)

RMC is a Michigan based, full-service Information Technology (IT) recruitment management, consulting and placement agency. The company offers highly experienced recruiting and account management professionals with the ability to service the diverse needs of Michigan companies seeking to employ top technical talent within the region - specializing in Applications, Infrastructure and Communications expertise.  RMC has over 25 years of combined professional experience servicing the employment needs of individuals, small to mid-sized businesses, and Fortune 500 companies across Michigan.

The 'War for Talent' in Michigan

RMC understands that the caliber of a company's talent determines its success in the marketplace .

McKinsey & Company coined the phrase 'war for talent' to address a shortage on specialized skills. An increasingly competitive Global talent shortage has created a fundamental change in the employee dynamic of corporations. As the knowledge economy continues to mature, the acquisition and retention of top talent will be a prime strategic objective for companies of all sizes. 

RMC is a consulting agency specializing in recruitment strategies.  RMC prides itself on aligning The Right People to the Right Opportunity in the Right Organization. We use innovative techniques to recruit and retain top talent - from recent graduates to savvy business executives & technical experts.

 RMC Core Values:

  • Consultative Workforce Planning
  • Team Culture Development & Integrity
  • Strategic Long-Term Partnerships

RMC has earned a reputation for preparing and presenting quality candidates through a commitment to building long-term professional relationships.  We have the ability to fully grasp complex client requirements and understand the expectations of highly sought after consultants/employees.


Asher Court

321 West Lake Lansing Road |  East Lansing, Michigan 48823

Phone: 517.999.5410  |  Fax: 517.481.2259